People behind you!

Just a quick question reference people standing behind you. Makes me feel really dizzy and disoriented. Don’t know if it’s anything to do with this lovely disease?

This doesn’t make any sense to me. Do you mean someone speaking to you from behind so you have to turn your head towards them or something?

I have problems when people approach me from behind, this makes me feel a bit weird and I tend to walk into them rather than the opposite in avoiding them,usually when I’m walking my dog! My ms nurse says it’s called spatial awareness, is this similar to what you mean?

Oh no they’re not …???



i jump out of my skin when i husband walks into the house even though i’ve seen the car pull up.

it’s as though i’m aware of every other human being and don’t know how to deal with it.

so people approaching from any direction make me disoriented.


ps carraboy - oh yes they are

dislike having people sitting either side of me - always make a point of sitting on the end of a row.

p.s. you were right caraboy - they’re not behind you!

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Oh yes they are …

Actually, I think it is more “proxemics” than “spatial awareness” - but there is some overlap. It was studied in about 1970 by a guy called Kinzel, looking on apparently spontaneous outbreaks of violence in American prisons.
The idea is that you have an area around you that you regard as your personal space, and you are unhappy if someone else invades that space. It will change with circumstance - who that person is, which direction they are coming from, time of day, location, and so on. In the past, I noticed this particularly in a supermarket checkout queue, and tended to step back into them (“Oops, sorry, did I tread on you?”). Now I have a 3-wheel walker, they tend to give me more room.

However, as an effect, it is real enough.


hi again

i was at a concert in manchester last thursday.

we were watching the waterboys and everything was wonderful.

then i had to do the urgent trek to the loo and when i went back in they were playing “the whole of the moon” with a different arrangement so it wasn’t immediately familiar.

then i got the feeling that someone was dancing next to me in the aisle.

i then realised that it was Kath, my lovely friend who died 2 years ago.

spooky but it made me feel all happy and loved .

i know it was kath because there was a lot of arm movement and that was the way she danced.

carole xx

Hey Carole,

How are yer ???

How totally awesome !

I only see my mate in dreams, but my mother in law saw him sitting on the back seat of their car as she drove past his place of death (she lived near it). She glanced in her rearview mirror and there he was. I’m surprised he’s never appeared to me as he knows this would scare the jee heebees out of me !

I did my wife’s cat after he died. I caught a reflection in the microwave of a cat walking away from me, and I spoke to it thinking it was my cat, but there was nothing there. Made me smile.

When you first posted, I had no idea what you were talking about.

Then, the very next day, I was at the railway station, and I felt someone was walking too close behind me, with one of those cabin suitcases on wheels.

I could hear the wheels bumping along, very close to my heels.

I tried to analyse what was making me uncomfortable about it, and I realised it’s fear that I’m slow, or that I might trip or stumble without warning, so I do not want a bloody wheeled suitcase inches behind me, so that if I stumble or hesitate, she will literally run me over.

Is it anything to do with that - the fear that you will trip, or lose your balance, and the people behind are too close to stop in time?

I’m not a driver, but I imagine it’s very similar to the feeling you get if the car behind is too close on your tail, and you worry what will happen if you have to pull up suddenly.

I suppose I also felt a kind of pressure that I had to go faster, otherwise she was going to ram my ankles.

I’m not saying any of this would actually have happened - you can’t assume somebody’s a nasty person, just because they get a bit close with a suitcase - not realising you could be a bit unsteady on your feet.

I just thought: “I wonder if this is the sensation I read about on the forum, and didn’t understand? But now I do!”