pen pals

Where is the pen pal page gone

What a pity it’s gone. I have made a lot of new friends there, which I still have.

i remember that page back when i was first diagnosed.

ah memories… light the corners of my mind, misty water coloured memories of the way we were.

feel free to add the next first because i used all my memory up

carole x

I think the Pen Pals page was discontinued because of worries over confidentiality and personal security issues. After all we are all terribly vulnerable.


I think, Pen Pals are a good thing. It gets people talking to each other and you don’t get the feeling that your alone.

I have said before, I had a pen-pal whilst in the army, serving abroad - now she’s my wife - celebrating 25 years married this new year.

If your lucky it can be a great way of chatting to someone, as long as your careful and don’t expect to much or give things away. It can be really good for you.

(You can look up Pen pals on line)


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