Patron (again)

As we are all aware Princess Alice passed away at the grand age of 101 in 2003 so for the last 12 years we have been Patron-less, if there is such a word. Really we have been without a Patron for over 20 years as you could not expect a 90 year old to do too much.

The Society I feel needs a head, a Patron or Ambassador’s, not Royalty too much security involved in this day and age. Also a Royal Patron cannot be sacked but Ambassador’s can or given a term of say 5 years.

The criteria put down by the Society e.g. Must be Great British, must have a connection to MS; must attend at least 3 events per year are very restrictive.

Unfortunately as you should be aware J. K. Rowling who fitted all the criteria resigned from being a brilliant Patron of the MS Society Scotland. If anyone adhered to all the criteria and was extremely influential she was/is; but we lost her.

It must surely be realised that advertising is so important and a good Patron gives free publicity. Come on you Trustee’s or people with influence in the society; make 2016 the year you do something outside the box.