Password palava!

It has just taken me ages to log on here as, again, I forgot my password. Is there anyway to bypass using punctuation in the password?!?! I am quite forgetful!! There is no way I am going to remember my password!! I don’t remember having to use punctuation in my password before? Maybe thats why I don’t remember my password!! Thanks Debs!!

Try something simple like a key date that is very memorable. Write it in full. Today would be: 21st.November.2013. 3 full stops should be enough punctuation. Otherwise, choose something that you really can’t remember and write it down somewhere safe at home. Advice I was given about this: A hacker is unlikely to break into your house to find your password(s). A burglar is unlikely to be interested in hacking your bank account, they want cash or electrical stuff they can carry away to sell. Makes sense to me! Unless the criminals start multi tasking I suppose… xx

Put your password on a ‘post it’ note on your desktop then you can just copy and paste it when you log on.


I use password manager software …‘lastpass’.

It can be used to ‘remember’ a password that you choose yourself, or to generate a password from scratch. Have used it both ways as I login to quite a few sites …and you can even set it to login to specific pages automatically.

And it’s free!!!


I get around it by having an exclaimation mark after my password - regardless of the password. And since it is on all of them it easier to remember.

JBK! xx