Passing water :(

For the last week I’ve struggled passing water, I get the urge and even pain, then sit on the toilet for literally hours :(. This is happening middle of the night, and friends, but strangely hasn’t once occurred at work? Found I can make myself wee when I do number 2 but was that painful the other night I must have injured myself forcing a number 2, now I’m bleeding (alot) Everytime I go toilet :frowning: . I’m so embarrassed I need to see the doc but not sure what he or she will be able to do.

They'll maybe be able to see what the problem is, and give you something to sort it, please don't suffer in silence, go and see somebody about it.

Luisa x

When I can't be bothered to use the toilet to 'drain the dragon' I sit on the edge of the bed and use a piddle pot. Getting the optimum angle for the plumbing helps the widdling.


Now for the weird part..................'Cos my feet are always painful and cold ,there are three hairdryers dotted around the flat,and I now play the warm air from the dryer by the bed VERY GENTLY onto the bladder/tinkle tackle when the flow is slow. It helps,possibly by making everything dilate a little bit


If you try this DONOT take a hair dryer into the bog and be very careful. I hope all is well when you visit the doctor




You need to see a doctor they will beable to help, tablets or self catheterisation.

Retaining water is dangerous as it leads to UTI's which ( take it from me ) can be very nasty and they make you feel ruff.


I assume you are already taking Movical; it tends to soften no 2s and makes it easier to pass. I also have a bladder and bowel mix up some times and do both. I’m told it could be that the messages from the brain get mixed up.

I don’t mind as long as I go, as constipation is awful.

You also need to drink loads and loads of water. Although this causes accidents and I wear a continece pad now adays but I have found it’s the only way to keep the bowel moving, I also sprinkle some rough bran onto my cereal and eat lots of fruit.

Good luck I hope you get some help. Oh and I self catheterise when I can’t pass urine.



I read that you should tap the bladder area quite a few times with your  hand - which is supposed to 

send a message to your brain that  your bladder is full then message is sent back saying to empty it.

Give it a try - hope it helps.

Jen x


Have a look at the Interstitial Cystitis Help web-site, see if it can offer any help while you wait to see your doctor.



Yes I know embarrassing telling doctors. But don’t worry they’ve heard it all before. Do pluck up courage to tell best to get it sorted ASAP
Min xx

Hi Anon

If you are bleeding a lot and having pain openng your bowels you could have an anal fissure - it's basically a tear in the bowel wall - it can be low down near the anus or quite high up.

I have had 2 'repairs' where they stretch and repair the bowel under general anaesthetic - totally painless! 

The first time I had it I did not go to the doctor as I was so embarrassed. I put up with excruciating pain and bleeding for several years but eventually I lost so much blood one day I had to go.

Once they did the first operation I had 12 years pain free - bliss!!!!! Then I became constipated again and must have torn it again - I had the operation again & been fine since!


Don't suffer in silence - I would not hesitate to go to the GP if it started again - simple remedy for a nasty condition x xxxxxxxxxx

Hi i went through this trouble with my bladder for about a year,i would get to the toilet and nothing would happen so i would go back to bed and 10 minutes later i would be back in the bathroom bursting for the toilet.when i eventually saw my doctor i was pointed towards the incontinance nurse who showed me the benefits of using self was so easy and no more unneccasary trips to the toilet.what a god send.good luck.