Partner with auto-immune disease - do others get them?

My partner, who has now had MS for ten years, is not in hospital with a mystery infection/disease/… He has high fevers, rash, joint pain, sore throat etc - which he has had very badly for a month now. They have done a number of blood tests and scans and cant find a cause. Which makes them think it is auto-immune. It does not seem to be getting better at all… and he had a similar virus for six weeks last summer. What is the experience of others with MS and their carers? Have others experience frequent and series bouts of such auto immune diseases? How can they be prevented or cured? Is this just the experience of life with MS? Any thoughts or other people’s experience gratefully received!

Hello Ruth, Sorry to hear about your partner. To try and answer your question, I have spms along with Ankylosing Spondylitis, Lupus and APS and they are all auto immune diseases. With Lupus one gets a butterfly rash on their face, joint pain, mouth ulcers. Not very pleasant at all. None of the above mentioned can be cured but can be controlled. All are hard to Dx. I know this sounds down hearted but I wanted to be honest with you. I hope this helps you and wish your partner a speedy recovery. Look on thr brighter side, it may be just a nasty virus they have got from somewhere. Sending (((((HUGS))))) Janet x