Partner diagnosed 4 months ago and now..... Maybe me?

My partner has just been diagnosed with MS. Apparently he has had it for years without knowing. His was very clear, stroke like symptoms, left side loss of function. he had a mri with contrast and was told he has RRMS 2 days later. Within 10 minutes he was having steroids and has now made a full recovery from his relapse. 3 weeks ago he started on Rebif which has been tough sailing but now settling down. Now I have just had a massive attack of dizziness, lasting 4 weeks. with shoulder pain and slight loss vision which doc thinks is Ménière’s disease. So scared as he also mentioned it could be MS! MRI scheduled but am terrified! What if we both have it? Cruel twist of fate!!!

I really feel for you. I’m still waiting official dx, and the waiting is awful. My daughter-in-law was dx with ms earlier this year after 5 years of symptoms, then in May after an mri because of ear problems, I was told I had numerous lesions and its probably ms! The only upside is that she now knows someone with ms (which she didn’t before) so we can encourage and console one another. She is also on Rebif.

Hope things turn out ok for you. xx