ParkingEye fine in hospital car park

Sorry i realised too late. :frowning:

Hi, my husband is 47 & has spms he is a wheelchair user & has to use a stand aid for transfers, he has been suffering with bladder & bowl problems now for a number of years, he has a supra pubic catheter & is now considering a stoma of some kind, has anyone on here got one? If so how is life for you now??

MousieA - You should really start a ‘New Thread’ for this - as l am certain many people will be able to see and answer you.

l know just what your husband is going through. l have had PPMS for 33yrs. And all that time l have had bladder/bowel problems. l too have a supra-pubic catheter - over 20yrs now. l have no control over bowels - and alas l am always very looose. l do take meds to try to help this. l have ‘rapid transit’ everything goes through in minutes. And the slower l am on my legs the worse the situation. l shall certainly end up having a colostomy bag - of some sort. l have made enquiries about it . l do think it will be the best solution. - especially if you need help with transferring - it is the best answer - for everyone involved.