parking at cruiseports

When booking parking at Southampton…DONT use Portside Meet & Greet…they DONT meet you there, nor unload your car.

I made this huge mistake last month. I paid £92 and expected much better service.

CPS parking are right by the cruise terminal. They were so kind and helpful even though I didnt book them.

Portside Meet & Greet is wrongly named. They are further down the road and for disabled people, this is unacceptable. After they had taken my car from me, they drove past us and the terminal and even waved at us!!!On return, we had a more difficult trek with luggage, my commode etc, back to my car.

I did complain but was met with disinterest and no refund! They are rubbish!


My wife and her cruise-addicted friend say the same. Great feedback :+1:

Hi Boudsx, :thinking: we have a cruise booked leaving Southampton. We clearly need to check out the parking. I thought I had found disabled parking for a similar cost, port side…. now wondering if I read the information correctly.

Fortunately, we haven’t booked yet, but we will be double checking.

Hi @GCCK, can your wife and her cruise-addicted friend shed further light on the best parking options at Southampton :blush:

CPS are great!.was included in the price - bonus!

As @Gordon says, CPS was the reply. Some cruises bundle the parking with the trip, others don’t.

Shocking service! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Which provider are you referring to?

The parking at the port after a fee was paid for more assistance

H, The rubbish car parking is Portside Meet & Greet…
from what we saw and were assisted by is CPS Parking, is the one I’d choose.

Parking update. We used ABParking, car park was port side at Southampton, car stayed there all week. We could see our car from our balcony. We had a disabled parking space, which we were able to book in advance, £94.

We had a problem pre-booking assistance but this was not a problem, we were sorted out in minutes. No weaving through queues, we were taken straight through. Can’t believe how smooth the whole process was.

Booked assistance on Thursday night, ready and waiting for us on the Friday morning.

We even had help finding our luggage, now that was funny :smile: in the wrong aisle altogether…thank goodness for bright strapping around the suitcases.

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