hot feet then the warmth spreads up my body to arms and hands - uncomfortable but not painful - doesn’t keep me awake - comes and goes - can I do anything to stop/relieve it?

That sounds familiar. (I’m always hot - get really irritable when I over heat). Hot hands, spreads up my arms and down my legs. Mostly in the evening, but in bed sometimes too. Little relief when I crack my knuckles, but feel like about to combust…

‘Michael Flatleys feet of flames’ as I like to call them… my feet once got hot when I got into a swimming pool, which was very strange indeed. It would be great if you could control and market it, but basically uncomfortable and distracting. I feel for you - not found a way to stop it, just try to convince myself that it doesn’t actually ‘hurt’ as such. It makes the souls of my feet feel very solid too, as though there was loads of dry skin, which there isn’t. You are not alone, if that is any help.