Painfull joints in my legs - deloxatine

Hello every one hope your all having good evening .

Im currently taking deloxatine at night and was wondering can it cause severe pain full joints in my legs ? Or is this part of my relapse ? I’ve had it constantly since friday .

Only comfort I get from it is in a hot salt bath and one naproxen .

Have any one had this ? Read on the net about the side effects xx


I get painful joints as a routine thing - from my MS, not from medication.

I know MS does not directly attack joints, but can only assume that because I have very short and tight muscles from spasticity, it places extra strain on my joints.

I am always in hot baths and taking non-neuropathic painkillers like codeine. I feel pretty much as if I have permanent flu. I actually find this more of a burden than some of the more “classic” symptoms of MS, like numbness or tingling.

I don’t think this is going to be much help to you in working out whether your medication might be the culprit, but I will only say that joint and muscle pain seem quite common with MS, albeit that neuros seem a bit dismissive. I’m reasonably certain my pain must be related to MS, because if it isn’t, I ache an awful lot from nothing. I’m not that old, yet, to be aching and creaking everywhere.


Hi Tina

thanks . Yea I agree that u can have it with Ms . Since my relpase where I lost a lot in my one leg I’m finding hen I go up the sta

irs my joints start really hurting on my other leg , due to extra pressure needed to support my other wobbly leg . Hope this makes sense to you . I only start having it since my relapse . So kind of make sense in some way . Hope you have a good day today xx

Hi again,

Yeah, makes perfect sense to me. It’s a well known thing that if part of the body isn’t working properly, the rest has to work harder to compensate, and sometimes develops problems of its own. So it’s similar to what I was saying about MS not attacking the joints directly, but sometimes it’s a knock-on effect of other problems.

I recently did a trial course of Gabapentin, because my neuro has been so convinced it must be nerve pain, and wanted me to give it a go. However, it did nothing at all, and the pain still only responded to conventional painkillers like cocodamol, so I know it has to be joint/muscular, and not nerve stuff. I’m sure it is still caused by the nerve stuff - but it’s not actually nerve pain. It just comes from all the other things that already aren’t working properly. :frowning:

I hope you make a good recovery from the relapse, and find the pain wears off again once you’re a bit better.

I wonder if you have ever tried/thought of using a stick, even if it’s only temporary, while the relapse lasts? It’s not something I’ve tried myself, as I don’t think it would help with spasticity-related pain, and my balance is not too bad. I mean, I couldn’t use a wobble-board, but I’m not dangerous just walking from A to B. So I don’t think a stick would help much. But if I was clearly out of balance, due to one side being weaker, I might think it was worth a try.

As I understand it, you use the stick on the good side, but probably a good idea to see physio anyway, if you were thinking about it, to make sure you get one that’s the right height and grip.



Hi , yea I use a stick when I need it . Mostly for steps . I’ve just had some crutches so think I will take ur advice and try them. As u said it may support all the one of me . My legs are killing and doing my head in . Don’t u wish we could just turn it off . Hope you had a good day today xx

mi use to be on gabapentine but didn’t like it . I’m on pregablin now and that’s good help with nerve pain ut not enough. I’m only on 100 mg twice day .

I had terrible knee pain for years and tried everything, eventally gave up and accepted that was life. Then I changed my diet (no gluten/dairy/sugar) when I was diagnosed and the knee pain disappeared within a week, I think it was to do with inflammation in my system which a clean diet has fixed. It’s changed my life :wink: