Painful lesions

I was diagnosed in August 2015 as having RRMS, I have lesions on c4 and c5 and this is where I get a lot of my pain, I am on gabapentin 600 three times a day and amitriptylin 40 and it is not giving me any relief, it is worse when I carry anything or when I’m at work or doing the ironing for example, it is a burning stinging pain and also a feeling of electric shocks, does anyone else experience this and what do you take that works as I feel I will never be out of pain. Hope someone can help, thank you


I was diagnosed with RRMS in September 2015. I take the same amount of Gabapentin as you each day, I have hip replacements and spine surgery and staples despite being in my forties. My lesions are in my brain and spine. We are very similar.

If you haven’t already get yourself a tens machine and a heat pad which attaches around your core. They are no more than £15-£20 each. The heat helps with the discomfort and the small massages from the tens machine helps too.

Obviously they are what I use so please take medical advice first, talk to your MS nurse.

I hope your pains soon subside and you feel better x

This is a map of your spine I doubt very much if your lesions actually cause pain in the area they are in more like they cause problems pain; spacisity in the areas shown on the map.

Just like L’Hermittes L'Hermitte's sign - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia any failing nerve can cause electric shocks. I suggest your specialist is the person to see for perhaps a short course of steroids.

Good luck


Tens machine and damaged nerves make for an interesting reaction at least it did for me the pain clinic loaned me one

But the results were unbearable amplifying muscle spasms and shocks etc , maby it was me putting pads on the wrong place

But never again g

Thanks for the advice, but found I couldn’t get away with a tens machine, I think I’ll see my doctor again.

I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS. Looking for others

High Lace,

I had PPMS diagnosed 6 years ago. What’s on your mind?