Pain under rib and in back. CT advice?

Hi. I have been under investigation for MS for the last year.

Six months ago I started (and it came on suddenly) getting pain under my right ribs in my upper right stomach area, which radiated around in my side and into my back. I’ve had this pain since. It’s often just under my rib but not in my back, or in my back and not at the front. It is predominantly OK during the day but gets worse in the evening. It is not a tight sort of pain as I’ve heard the ms hug described, but I can’t help but wonder if it is related to the MS. Anyone have any ideas or any solutions please?

I have just seen the Urologist as they want to do a CT scan with contrast of that area. I am reluctant to have the contrast as I may have had a reaction to the dye last time. But does anyone know if an ordinary CT scan without contrast will show any damage to the intercostal muscles etc as a result of MS hug or similar… Or is the contrast dye necessary?

You need to discuss this with the radiologist at the time of the scan ok. It could be you have gallbladder issues. Usually they go more for MRI if MS is suspected.

good luck with the scan.x

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