pain & the cold

I’m in constant pain and I’m pretty much used to that but the cold weather now is making my walking/pain and stiffness worse. I try not to take painkillers because I’m on so much medication already the thought of more in my system worries me. I know I should stay positive but I’m finding it a real struggle at the moment :’(


I agree with you - some MSers find heat the worst, but with me it’s definitely the cold. I get a lot more cramp and stiffness, and it comes on much earlier in the day - pretty much as soon it gets dark, which is 4 o’clock ish at the moment, but 10 o’clock in Summer, so it really does make a difference. I’m starting the cramps at teatime instead of bedtime.

I hate to say it, but my view is take the painkillers and don’t worry about it. It’s not ideal, and I’m sure it does carry some risks, but many, many people are on permanent medication, including painkillers. They wouldn’t be prescribed together if the risk was great, and I don’t think living with untreated pain does you much good over the long term, either. My GP is firmly of the opinion that far from learning to live with it, you train your body to become even more sensitive to pain if you don’t treat it, so you are likely to experience more of it in future.



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