Pain relief - research?

Looking around this board tonight, it’s rotten reading about so much pain that seems inadequately treated with the usual meds (and I know, I’m either on them or tried them!) My question is this - other than Sativex, has there been any research done recently into pain relief for nerve pain? Is it not sexy enough?! It seems to me that nerve pain is poorly understood and managed in a very ad-hoc fashion. But it’s not just us MS’ers who have it, so are we missing out any developments? Especially as some people still seem unconvinced we even have it… Anyway, an idle thought for a cold Sunday evening! Sarah

Hello Sarah,there was a Horizon programme on BBC2 earlier this year that was very enlightening about pain and the current research. If you do find it, Professor Nurmiko was conducting a trial into Spinal Cord Stimulation for neuropathetic pain at Walton Neuro Liverpool two years ago, and I was on that trial,to no avail.The Prof really is that cool and is highly regarded by everybody he encounters.

Regards, Wb

Hello Sarah,

This is not research but my own experience of pain and its treatment.

Sometimes it felt as if a needle was being put into the knee joint and I also used to suffer from restless legs. I was also told that my legs would twitch during the night when I was asleep.

I was prescribed Gabatentin and that was an immense help. The original problem seems to have gone away but this could be temporary, who knows? I got the impression that it was closely linked to fatigue. The more tired I was the worse it would be.