pain on my left side

hi everyone,

after my first relapse a few weeks ago i have been feeling a lot better and have stopped my steroids after gradually making the dosage smaller every few days like my GP told but now i have really bad pain in my left leg and left arm, this has only been for a few days but i have been feeling unwell with a bad cold for about the same same time and i am hoping it’s just that that’s causing it.

it is a tight feeling and a bit like cramp but no matter what i do it’s always sore, i have been taking Co-codamol to try and ease the pain but they hardly make any difference and i don’t really want to see my GP again in case he just puts me back on the steroids even though they helped me with the relapse i don’t want to keep taking them all the time, i have tried phoning my MS nurse but she is off sick just now.


I think it’s best if you saw your GP again, maybe different meds are needed. If you don’t want steroids then you have the right to refuse them, but your GP wouldn’t prescribe them for you if it was too soon after your last lot anyway. Maybe try your nurse again, she might be able to help you.


def. see your GP as it might not be the MS causing the pain. if its nerve pain co-codamol wouldn’t do much, you need pain meds for nerve pain, either prescribed from your Gp or neuro team

hi thanks for your comments, i went to see my GP this morning and he thinks i have just caught a virus as my temp was quite high and i have just to give it a few days and see how i feel, the pain is on both sides now and not just my left side but it is not as painful as it was so hopefully that’s the worst of it over,

thanks again…billy