Pain (just need to offload)

Pain, electric-shocks/tingling have got much worse over the past few months. I’ve had 2 steroid injections which haven’t helped. Been to see Physiotherapist but having difficulty doing the prescribed exercises due to the pain and limited mobility. Am taking Gabapentin and various other meds to combat the pain but they don’t last for any length of time.

Was supposed to see Neurologist in 6 months after appointment in April, no follow-up arrived. Chased up and finally got one through but can’t be seen until January, that will be 10 months.
NHS pain management clinic has 9 month waiting list, so in desperation I am forking out to see a pain management specialist privately.

It’s so frustrating needing help and not being able to get it. Not putting a lot of faith in going private, but feel so desperate I needed to do something!

eastendgirl, really sorry to hear that you are suffering with this horrible pain. I think you are doing the right thing trying to expedite support by going private, but I also understand your low expectation. The psychological benefit is that you are establishing a bit of control by not just sitting and waiting. Please do not worry about making a fuss to try and get NHS support. If you do not jump up and down you might drop down the priority list. No one should have to endure long term pain or discomfort, it can grind you down and exacerbate other symptoms. It will also mean that you will get short tempered and grumpy as hell which does no one any good.

I am a bit negative about alternative type therapies but if I was trying to deal with pain I would think that if the medicines are not that effective I would try and find out what other therapies are available.

I wish you all the very best and hope that you find some relief very soon.


Have tryed cbd oil? it really helps me

It might be worth asking your local MS Therapy Centre, if acupuncture can help treat the pain you describe.

ok what sort of pain is it? If its nerve pain i cant see the point to steroid injections personally.

Nerve pain is the pits. I have it 247. It comes and goes in varying degrees. i know heat makes it all worse. If i over do the walking makes it worse, even eating gluten makes it worse.

I went to pain clinic waste of time. He said the only thing we can offer for nerve pain is pysch drugs, which i have tried and they make me feel awful, which he said they do and they can make us feel like zombies. He suggested i tried to do my own cognitive behavioural therapy which i do. It is slowly working for me.

I know its nerve pain so i try to switch it off by doing things, concentrating on other things, i eat healthy and i rest. I do try and avoid stress as that makes it worse.

the one thing with nerve pain is it can be really bad one minute then suddenly i almost forget its there. I dont think about my MS in the day, i am involved in my new hobby now of taking wildlife pictures, trying to edit and posting on you tube, also when its bad bad i write my blog.

a private pain clinic, will assess your pain, if its MS nerve pain, I am not sure what they can advise. they treat musculoskeletal pain, and nerve pain from trapped nerves etc, and will have to perform tests etc, which will all cost money.

Is that this JANUARY you can see the neuro if so i would wait and save your money personally. the physio should help but it will be painful. why not see a chiropractor they can assess you and they have their own pain people my daughter went to see one because of her fibro and they worked wonders with her and it didnt cost the earth either. they found her hip was out of lineament from the way she had been walking so did an adjustment and she is riding again.

all the neuro can offer is pysch drugs. my last appointment i was offered duloxotine. i tried it several years ago and it made me feel horrible.

I think overall the nerve pain of MS and diabetes is the hardest to cope with. I just realised i needed to get busy to switch it off, so when i wake up in the morning early i spend time on my few forums or watch something, once i am up i can do stuff which stops me thinking and then i get my camera and spend a few hours trawling through videos of the night before of my wildlife in my garden. Its great fun, and yes it does help.

I feel for you really i do, i dont expect there is one person reading your post who hasnt felt this way.

but steroids are the devils worse they made a mess of my hubby, yes they help a lot of people and are essential for survival but for nerve pain cant see the point, unless you having them for musleskelotal pain, etc. they are obviously not doing much.

also yes try CBD oil, magnesium oil too on your legs and even take extra magnesium as some stuff in our legs is down to low magnesium.

xxxxxx we have a 2 month waiting list here for pain clinic but really even the guy said to me i was wasting my time he could only offer me pysch drugs or a MINDFULNESS COURSE, was done on line and i realised i more or less was doing that anyway. if i could i would do YOga, but no classes near me in the day.

going private will help but not sure just how much. again if you are seeing neuro in january 2020 i would wait as they should be able to put your forward to pain clinic quicker.

sorry i am rambling i have a cold not had one before for a long time, but living in sheltered there are way too many bodies about who dont cover their mouths when the cough or sneeze lol.

take care, i hope you get it sorted. I hope my video cheers you up this is what is going on outside my flat at night which is a hoot really.

I am now classed as the crazy hog lady and had one given to me the other day which was found outside, so i weighed it which it was fine in weight and it went back out.

I quite like that being classed as a crazy hog lady lol. x