Pain!! Is it all in my head?

Hi everyone,

The daily struggle goes on. I have been trying to make some sense of my menagerie of symptoms given my acceptance of anxiety and its possible ‘weird and wonderful’ knock-on symptoms…

However, for as long as I can remember (years), I have been coping with pain in my right buttock / hip and right foot / ankle. This has become steadily worse and is by far the most significant issue I have in terms of my mobility.

I walk with a marked limp and often stumble / trip over my toes, sometimes twisting my ankle as a result.

I now notice that pulling my toes upwards causes the pain in my right hip / buttock to increase on doing so.

Is this something that I need to mention to my neurologist or is it ‘all in the mind’. I am inclined to think the later at the moment given that conventional painkillers have no effect.


Sometimes conventional painkillers have no effect because it’s not conventional pain, not because it’s not real.

Saying that, feeling pain in your hip when you move your toes sounds decidely anatomical to me. That generally isn’t how MS neuropathic pain works, although anything’s possible.

You should tell your neuro everything - he/she will decide what is and what isn’t relevant.

Karen x