Pain in ribs when walking or swinging arm

I’m getting pain on my right hand side around the lower ribs when I walk or swing my arm. Sometimes it feels like someone is poking a stick really hard in my side. It hurts when I swing my arm not just when I walk. No pain when I just sit or stand though.

I have bad foot drop and a very weak thigh on my right hand side so I walk very badly, and I have stiff spasticity/ cramping in my right hand and arm. I know I hitch my hip walking and the muscles below my ribs are strained, but this is the area over the bottom two right ribs. I’ve not heard anyone describe anything like this as an MS symptom, so am wondering if it’s more musculo-skeletal.

Or am I clutching at straws? I have PPMS and wonder if this is how the journey to full time wheelchair user goes. I use my wheelchair outside the house and have an FES for short distances, and am wondering if this kind of rib ache is fairly typical when your leg is nearing the end of it’s usefulness?

Anyone else got it / had it?

Sounds like a job for physio. I know I walk funny, which causes pain in the knees and back. But i walk funny cuz of the MS. So the doctor says its not the cause - but its caused BECAUSE the MS makes me walk funny! Sounds a bit like you. I’d contact the MS nurse and ask if theres a chance of being referred to physio.