Pain in numb arm when used and Numbness over half of my body


ive got numbness over left half of my body. mostly my arm my arm hurts alot but comes and goes so.

anyway so i thought maybe i could put my laptop bag over the numb shoulder and maybe it wouldnt feel it. But I found that i got some sharp pain when i did that.

Does anyone else get pain when they use nmb body parts. even rght now im only typing with my right hand because using my left starts the pain.

Also has anyone else noticed this in themselves. when i wake up in the morning and im laying in bed i feel no pain, as soon as i get up pain starts, maybe its the weight of the arm? has anyone tried a sling, it kind of helped me to use a scarf sling but my mum made me take it off.

Have you seen a neurologist yet or had any formal diagnosis? If not, see your GP & ask to be referred to one.

It’s difficult to answer your questions as MS (if that’s what you have) affects everyone differently.

Perhaps your mum made you remove the sling because she didn’t want you to be relying on it?

Rosina x

Hi Rosina my doc refered me yesterday after seeing him twice in onee week. Hopefully ill see a neurologist soon, Im worried though because ive been reading things written by people with similar symptoms as me and nothing shows up on MRI.