Pain and sore muscles getting me down

Does the sore muscles ever passed. I’ve started doing more about the house, hadn’t done much after my first bug relapse in July just started in September. But I’m so sore my muscles are tight and burn I do stretching. But doing the most simple of tasks see really sore. Through the day they are worse obviously I’ve been doing stuff. Friday I was at hospital then new car Sat I’d ghost the musical with friends and lunch and a few drinks then home potter about doing jobs Sunday was the usual some jobs kids etc Yesterday I was tidying most of the morning then had to go to the shops. And today I’ve my daughter all day and got some tidying to do but my cleaners coming. Is it normal for everything to be sore and tight, all the time. Sorry for the moan it’s pissing me off. I can do stuff it’s just the pain that doing stuff is causing. I’m quite determined but I never seen to get to relax. Mum watched daughter she sleeps at hers, Callum sleeps at mine but I’ve to go to hers pick up willow try and get organised my house is far too big and I know it needs to be sold but by the time I do general housework I’m too sore for trying to do the other stuff. It’s a viscous circle. I know I keep having relapses so never getting the chance of remission Em x

My ex should help sell the house but he does pay good maintenance do can’t criticise him for that. But he thought I wouldn’t cope being single but since ms struck I haven’t been able to cope. But not for the reasons he thought. I left him because he’s not got a bit of compassion in his body he just likes making money which is all very well but u can’t take it with you and the last few years he lost all balance. His family haven’t seen willow since she was 4 weeks old she’s now 10 months. They see Callum. I would never have stopped them coming in and seeing them. I used to phone my mother in law every week to tell what was happening and spoke to his sis 3 times a week. She was my bridesmaid. But I left their precious bro/son but his behaviour through this has proved me right. He would take son fri to sun now I’m lucky if it’s one night he wants my son but Callum won’t go. This is all so stressful