Pain and numbness in thighs

In April my left thigh decided to become very sensitive to the cold and feel like it was burning. It was also extremely sensitive to any clothing touching it coupled with constant pain. It was weird though because I could still exercise on it without it getting any worse. It was red but not swollen. My GP checked it out and decided there was no infection and it would go away, which it did after 3 weeks. A few months later it decided to come back with a vengeance and now there is a hand sized numb patch on the outside thigh. My consultant says that it was most probably caused by an injection in that area which has damaged the nerve rather than an MS symptom as its too localised, ‘if it was MS it would be your whole leg…’

Has anyone else had this symptom? I’m concerned as my right thigh has now started to do the same thing in the exact same place…and I definitely injected in the other leg this week!

Hi Gemma,

I get the numbness all down my left-hand side, from my foot to my neck, follows the sciatic nerve, I think. It come and it goes, gets worse then gets better. It’s just a part of the joys of having MS, I’m afraid. I’ve had the really cold calves as well. I haven’t had it recently though.

I have a really good supplemental regime. I found that vit b12 really helped with some of these symptoms.

I hope yours resolve soon.

Adrian :slight_smile: