Pain and no feeling

Something is different, I have had a pain in my hip a for a few weeks, i have tried different pain killers no joy. So today my mum gave me a heat pad which i have had before and worked. Put it on my hip and I don’t feel any heat nothing I feel the pain and when I place my hand on the pad I can feel the heat through my Jean’s but not on my hip at all. I have not noticed it before. I have read on this site about numbness but I didn’t think that I had any mostley for me it has been double vision and not able to get up off the floor (not that I do that very often). Has anybody else had this or anything that can help with the pain, I don’t know what kind of pain it is. Kay

Hi Kayrb

This is bit of a long shot; but can’t do any harm; might be worth trying some turmeric & ginger tea , you could also apply turmeric mixed in vegetable oil to the area, see if that helps.