P.I.P. granted

So great - 15 months after I applied, assessment, miraculous, as I was pretty annoyed with the procedure, let him know it, lost my rag and thought I had blown it. 10 Days later had an enormous P.I.P. refund into my bank.

Euphoria - I can now afford to resume my Yoga, Hot Pool therapy and pay for someone to help me at home, only when needed, with changing the frequently soiled bedding. SHORT LIVED - Two weeks later my council housing benefit was reduced by 90% of my P.I.P. award. So left me with £7 a week extra for emergency cleaning, O.T.T. washing machine use, Hot Pool Therapy, Yoga classes etc. and Taxis when the toe cramps leave me sitting on the pavement, crying in pain to massage my feet back to tolerable. - I ask, what goes first, food, hot water, heating or much needed therapy??

I thought that P.I.P. was a scheme to make people like us independant, Soc.Sec. have offered 1 hour a day, or 5 hours once a week. What a waste of another departments resources, I need about 2 hours a week to help me with a complete clean, as I can’t reach the top cupboards, also unable to put on a fitted sheet on my bed which needs to be done several times a week, but only takes 10 minutes. Takes me about an hour to iron and change the sheets, duvet cover, pillow cases etc., but time I have. With only one hand partially functioning, I cannot lift the mattress to put on a sheet. PATHETIC OR WOT !!!

Thank God for my wonderful son who calls in almost daily, I can’t lift the lid off the wheelie bins and throw out the rubbish with only one hand partially functioning.

I desparately want to be and continue to be as independant as possible, without being a burden on the system.

I am, and have been since my son was three weeks old, a one parent Mum. Always worked and never claimed a penny in benefits, without maintenance from my ex. I was carer to both my Mum (who died of cronic heart problems in 2003, aged 87) - I gave up work to look after my parents. Then my beloved Pop (4 years of Bowel cancer and all the associated problems of stoma bags etc.) who came to live with me four years before his death) Then came back to the U.K. in 2009 and cared 24/7 for my ex husband (father of my son) who sadly died of liver cancer in Dec. 2010. (Never claimed Carer’s allowance for 7 years) It was soon after that that I was diagnosed with MS, and no longer able to work, got my pension and was embarrassed to claim pension credit and housing benefit. (Having paid over £225,00 in Soc.Sec. as a well paid company director in my working life here)

O.K. so the council now give me rent allowance and rebate of council tax, but I desperately need to maintain a level of fitness that I previously managed to keep this nasty monster at bay. Having spent all of my savings and private pension towards rented housing and an exercise regime to keep me fit and healthy, I applied for P.I.P. to help me with the ongoing costs, not only to exercise, but random home help, red button (three times in the last 12 months, fallen at home).

Great so I passed the accessment, to obtain only the basic allowance (Neuro, G.P. and MS Nurse indicated that I needed the maximum) Now 90% of it has been deducted from the local council in rent allowance.

Why do we bother to continue fighting for our rights ???

Sorry to go on - but am seriously pissed with the system, why don’t the D.S.S. and D.W.P. look after their own first, before using our hard earned contributions to pay out to those with no will to work for it or contribute fot others !!!


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sounds like you have had a really tough few years.

Have you spoken to the council to see why they have deducted money from you getting pip. I didn’t think that pip could effect any other benefits. My housing benefit hasn’t changed since I got pip, or maybe speak to cab.

Take care x

PIP is supposed to NON-means tested as was DLA

i agree with pink princess - speak to your council and a letter to your mp won’t go amiss