Owning your own home

If you own your own home and dont have a mortgage do you have to pay for carers yourself. I live with my partner who has a share in the house but not an equal share. He is 65 and a Deed was drawn up to say he will live in the property until his death and vice versa. We dont have much savings but even so would our savings be added together when being assessed. Hope im making sense.

The short answer is NO; I don’t think so; see Benefits calculators - GOV.UK.

It says nothing about owning your house, which surprised me.

I suggest you ring Home Page | Equality and Human Rights Commission tomorrow to clarify

Thanks its difficult to understand best give them a ring when time comes. I wasnt sure if they took a charge over property.

I think the only time they take property into consideration is when going into residential care. They will however take income and savings into consideration.

Jan x