Overdid it again :)

Exactly what the title says although I am happy about it really.

My son actually had a day off on Saturday so he wanted to go to Springfields Outlet Shopping village. My legs are a bit stronger now I’m taking Gilenya at night so I managed to potter from shop to shop for the first 45 mins without my stick. We had his nan with us so we were going slowly and stopping lots to look at things but I’m still pleased I managed it. It helps that it’s all really level ground there so I didn’t have to worry about any steps or uneven pavement (and especially tree roots which always cause me problems where they break through pavements!).

We then stopped for lunch and afterwards I could feel my left knee and hip beginning to tighten up so I got my stick out. We had another 45 mins there and then headed home.

My left leg is a bit achy today so I know I’ve overdone it a bit but I’m pleased I did so well. It’s been just over a year since the last relapse and I’m finally managing a decent distance without the stick. It just proves that you can still make progress some considerable time after a relapse.

Fingers crossed, if Gilenya works as well as I hope it does, it will be many years before I have to fight my way back to this point again.

Tracey xx

Well done Elmo you should be well chuffed

respect sheep

Good feeling to do it though 'ey? :slight_smile: Just take it easy L x