Over options

Hi I currently take gabapentine for nerve pain I am getting help with my walking at UCL hospital London I’ve been told to wean myself off gradually over 6 weeks to see if it’s helping with pain. I am on 2nd week I am experiencing nerve pain I was told that there are other meds to help please can you tell me what you take thank-you

Hi Lolly

It really depends on what sort of pain you have as to what drug would help the most. Personally I use a combination of drugs for stiffness, spasms and pain. Through the day I take Baclofen, in the evening Amitriptyline, and later Cloneazepam. But my pain is mostly the burning type for which Amitriptyline works quite well. I do occasionally take Amitriptyline in the daytime as I find I can tolerate it quite well now, but many people (most) find that taking it in the daytime or too late in the evening makes them feel hungover.

You could have a look at The leaflet describes different types of pain and mentions different ways of combatting pain, including drugs. You might be best off talking to your MS nurse or neurologist and seeing what might work for your pain.

Best of luck.