Over heating.

Hi all, I have passed the menopause age (63)but still suffer with awful hot flushes they disturb the little sleep I manage to get they happen about 30-40 times a day and seem to be getting more frequent, I have spms does anyone else suffer with this problem.


Hi Sue (or George), Could it be a medication? Regards, Anthony

or a power surge!

Thanks for replying,but not on any medication.


Oh how I wish it was, it just leaves me hot and drained.


Hi Sue

Have you had a hormone check? as you might know I’ve been suffering with “womens” problems.

I’m 55 and think I’m now post menopause, they’ve fitted me a marina coil (progesterone laced) 7 weeks ago since then I’ve not had any hot flushes and until the heatwave struck I’d stopped waking up hot and sweaty in the morning.

if you’re producing oestrogen maybe your hormones are confused!

i was once told decades ago that some women never stop having hot flushes (although I do wonder if that was an old wife’s tale)

if they’re impacting your life maybe the doctor should be made aware of that.