over doing it!!

Do your symptoms come back if you over do it?

I was at a concert on friday and had to stand for 3 hours and since yesterday my left eye feels odd like my eyelid muscles are weak and it’s watery.

I am hoping it’s with over doing it.

Yes! I’m not yet diagnosed but notice that if I do too much when I’m feeling relatively good, it comes back to bite me over the next few days. I’m experiencing that now! I didn’t do anything more than my usual norm…perhaps I need to redefine what a ‘normal’ day ought to be. Have you read about the ‘Spoon Theory’? Its worth googling :slight_smile:

Hi Zipster,

Yes, overdoing it can certainly cause a temporary flare-up of symptoms. You only really find out by trial and error where your limits are.

However, I have to say that when I’ve overdone it, I normally get a more immediate reaction than 2-3 days later. Usually same/next say. If I’m doing something I know will take a lot out of me, I make a point to have nothing (social or domestic) that needs doing next day, so I can spend the whole day in bed if I have to.

Delayed reaction of 3 days? I’m not sure. I think all you can do is sit it out, and hope it passes quickly. If it does, it’s probably just cause and effect, and not a genuine relapse. You will get to know, after a while, if things are caused by something you’ve done, but in the early days, it’s not always easy to tell.


I am suffering today, my sister was running a course yesterday in Manchester and I have always wanted to see her in action, so I went along and got involved in the course, she helps and supports young carers. So the other attendee’s where mostly social workers, so it was an eye opener. My brother drove us over and from the moment I sat back in the car I fell asleep and did n t wake up until we got home and then sunk into the chair exhausted and the usual unusual feelings in my legs and arms, which has carried on to day. Sometimes it can feel like a hangover. So yes you are right if you over do it, it comes back to bite you. I will look up the Spoon theory though. Hope you are feeling better soon,


don’t let it put you off going to concerts.

if you apply for a disabled ticket you can usually get a carer’s ticket for free.-makes you popular with friends!

ask for seating suitable for disabled.

i had to stand for 8 hours when i went to the stone roses concert in heaton park.

it played havoc with my legs and i was bummed when i saw special seating for disabled. i couldnt use it because i hadnt applied for disabled ticket.

if i even stand in a queue for 2 minutes i have to slightly bend my knees and do those stand on toes and down again to keep from seizing up completely!

carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

thanks for the tip Carole about gig tickets. What sort of proof do you need to apply for a suitable disabled seat?

Zipster - I hate to say this but a delayed reaction like that after over-exertion is a classic pattern of CFS/ME.

Probably not what you want to hear, so sorry