Out of Sight? Out of mind? ..... Invisible .......

Hi ya all

Well, that was an interesting day yesterday. A couple of hospital appointments even an MRI scan - the first after 10 years! Unfortunately, the appointments were several hours between and to kill the time my wife decided to push me on my ‘wheels’ into an unfamiliar hilly area in search of a pub for a meal. A total of 3 times I said to people walking in my direction “Excuse me do you know where …” but nope I was below eye level and ignored.

A new experience this so I need to attract attention a bit better. Loud speak? A horn? Flash some cash?

Marty - The Invisible One

I reckon if you had passed wind or burped loudly they would have seen you. Maybe shout fire, or say ey up thas got a nasty stain down ones back and they would take notice.

We might be invisible for convenience sake but we are not, we are extra special because we are part of an exclusive club.

Now put those antics to work and see what difference you notice.

Best wishes



Hi Marty, dont let the b******s grind you down, i get this a lot when i am in the w/c,i get the lot, dirty looks, stares, you name it,i have learnt not to have any eye contact when i am in mine, most of the time,it makes it a bit easier,

i treat THEM as though they are invisible,and i quickly developed a thick skin, i had to

and god help me if i want to stand up or walk a few steps,i have lost count of the times people stare in horror, or i get a nasty comment ,some people are such idiots.

jaki xx

Hi Marty,

Ignorance is bliss or so ‘they’ say! I remember being out shopping one day, just to make you aware I use a stick, and I was looking for a pair of shoes. I stopped in a shop looked around for a seat to sit on to try on a pair, none to be seen. A lady in a wheechair came up to me and asked me to reach a pair higher up for her to try on. I got the shoes she asked for then jokingly said only if i can sit on your lap to try these on as I just cannot stand on one leg. We both started laughing. Just as a p.s. neither of us bought the shoes.

Not everyone is so ignorant, they can’t be, surely not.

Janet x

I had some workmen round the other day and I answered the door using my stick. Perfectly normal conversation between us.

The guy was checking something out on the boiler and I’d been standing too long so I sat in my w/c. Although still perfectly pleasant and polite the explanations as to what was wrong became a lot slower and a shade louder.

Clearly my intellect had dropped 10 degrees and my hearing hardened as my bottom hit the chair seat.

LOL or you’d have to cry.


No, next time you are so rudely ignored,get yourself a stick and hit em with it....then claim you are ill and dont know what youre doing! Theyll notice you then, eh?

luv Pollx

What ignorant people. I swear that they think that they will catch whatever you’ve got if they have contact with you. Ignore them - they are beneath contempt. Teresa xx