Out of routine

Hi folks, well due to Xmas and holidays I am not in my normal routine of how I do things , and when this happens my ms always seems worse, I know it hasn’t got worse, it just feels that way. But I do much better when I am in my normal routine. Was back at work today and did much better today but off again now until next Wednesday. Long lies do nothing for me, longer in bed means more stiffness and longer to get going. Anyone else feel like this?

I have 4 sons aged 17 down to 6 (7 on 1st Jan) and have not really had a lie in since before the first one was born. I would love to sleep late but it never happens - even if the youngest sleeps a bit longer my body clock won’t let me stay asleep. I am hoping that this will change in the next year or two. Teresa xx

I’m out of my routine and I hate it. As soon as my sons have a holiday from school (they are 12 and 9) I lose all sense of what day of the week it is. The kids can have a lay in but my body wont let me and I hate it.

But will be back to normal on the 4th as boys go back to school.

Happy New Year all

Allie xxx

Understand totally - i feel awful over the Christmas holidays and really long for a return to normality and the evenings getting longer and pray that i will start feeling a bit better again… I have started LDN but still am totally wrecked to be honest, fed up sleeping in the chair from 9pm and then to bed and knocked out till 7am in the morning, to waken up still tired…

Hiya Cheryl

Yes, I do think a routine can help in some small part. My sister’s partner has been off all week and today he tells me that he has been out of sorts and tired. Oh and he doesn’t have our mutal MS buddy as well!


Yes I agree with you 100%, makes ervything worse- MS symptoms esp.depression and my sleep pattern goes out of the window with diet etc.