Out at last

Hello good people.

I actually went out today. I’d like to say it was inspiring but I’m not sure if it was.

Here’s my account:

Best wishes, Steve.

good morn’ Steve, & good for you getting out for a while, with the help the trusty Jack"

keep up your story’s & observations (star!)


Nicely written and observed. As for large temporary displays, I have always liked a chicane. I love my Tramper but there is no way it would fit in my local shops. The turning circle and dimensions are less than ideal for shops. I “Tramped” around a National Trust shop and enjoyed highlighting the limitation of poor layout by banging into stuff and getting in the way.

But the Tramper is so good at other stuff in the great outdoors I would not change it.

Keep on truckin’ (trampin’)


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Steve, I really enjoy these and look forward to the next one.

love your blog’s, Steve, I feel as tho I am right there with u when go on one of your adventures.

J x

As usual Steve, a nice read, you take us with you wherever you go, even when you stay home.

Btw, does your cat do those sneaky things like lay down right in front of wherever you want to go? Mine does it all the time, I only have to want to leave a room to find a feline draped across the doorway. And will the blighter move? No, he’ll just stretch and roll over. I sit there in my wheelchair and ask him politely to move (“scram pussy”) which always fails. My only way of moving him is to either call for help, or (out sneaking the sneak) find a scrap of paper, roll it into a ball and throw it. Thus making old cat think he’s a kitten again and chase it. Works like a charm!