Out and about

Husband and I went to town today, I needed new bra’s and he wanted sporty vests. Anyhoo, do all that, get home and leg is trying to twist inwards again. Now, I presume this is muscles tightening and drawing the leg in, the thigh and shin one? I used me chair for most of the trip but I’m paying for it now, I’m soooo tired! Hope everyone managed to get out for a bit. It’s chucking it down here, town flooded with people who were going to the cancelled county show. It has also come to my attention that my wheelchair has an invisibility cloak around it. The amount of people I’ve nearly had sat on my lap! Told husband, the next one that does it I’m going to grab hold of them :wink: and dyou know? Not a single one did it after that :s gutted x

I’d probably do the same if people nearly sat on me haha! Sorry to hear about your leg, do you now what relieves the tightness/tension? Or are you working on it? Just have some rest now hopefully your body will relax a bit although I know it’s not so easy! I’ve been stuck inside all day revising :frowning: just one more week and it’ll be over, it’s been raining here too but now it’s all sunshine, although I find it hard to stay focused when it’s nice outside, I’d much rather study in the rain; I enjoy hearing it pitter patter on the windows ^_^. Take care x

Oh yes, studying indoors on a nice day is not fun :s hope your revision went well. One week to go? Is that exams? Best of luck hunni :slight_smile: Yes, I’m just resting, that’s all that seems to work. I tried massaging the muscles, that seemed to make it worse, heat makes it worse, cool packs help a bit. So I’m just gonna rest up. Still waiting for the day when they create bionic legs, I’m on order :slight_smile: xx