Our wee dog RIP

Hi guys, we have had a rough weekend…our wee dog [Ted] got ran over and died…he was a Patterdale terrier and we loved him to bits! He was only 18 months old but crazy about chasing cars and trying to bite tyres and he finally got ran over by our son in his tractor on Friday evening! My Mrs and I cried bucketfuls and buried him in the back garden this morning…heart breaking…

So sorry to hear that, nothing I can say… Just gave my Boy a massive hug. So Traumatic for you all I bet your Son is upset. Run free Ted x

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Thanks Snowqueen…broken hearted but that’s life…

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Oh I’m so sorry, how dreadful for you! xx

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my sister had to have her baby girl put down and i was upset.

the week after i had to take my cat to the vet to be put down.

my sister said that stella, her dog, would meet tiger, our cat, on the rainbow bridge.

that made me feel a bit better and also made me think of all the pets we have loved and lost meeting me on the rainbow bridge.

hope you can get some comfort from it too.

carole xx

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OH l am sorry Redman - what a dreadful accident. Patterdales are very high octane - and he was in his ‘terrible teens’ full of mischief - l bet.

l recently rescued a Patterdale/Pug cross - which my dear friends now have. He was kept in a crate by one of these puppy farm people to be used as a stud dog. My friends had just had to have their elderly pug to sleep - and this little chap - once neutered - fit the bill. They also have a Patterdale/Jack age 12 - and the pair are inseperable. This young dog is full of energy - and loves to run. We went out with my two rotties - me on my scooter - and they all got on so well. My two dogs soon taught him to come back when called. Did not take long for him to learn off them.

Give yourselves time to grieve - then start looking at the rescue centres - preloved etc - lots of lovely dogs waiting for their forever home. All deserving of your love.


Thanks guys! Hope he is on the rainbow bridge cause we loved him so much…the support is appreciated xx


Oh my darlings, what a terrible thing to happen and in such a young dog too.

We had to have our beloved almost 16 year old toy poodle Lucy, put to sleep in March. We were totally devastated and we wouldnt have another.

3 weeks later, I was still crying night and day, so we did return to Lucy`s breeder, and she just happened to have 2 pups ready to go.

Sophie has been with us 7 weeks now and we love her to bits.

Feel so sorry for you.

luv Poll and Sophie xx

So sorry to hear of your loss - it’s never easy to loose a pet, but such distressing curcumstances will take a lot of time. Be kind to each other - lots of hugs, along with the tears.

love Hazel

This is so sad. Poor Ted. You must all feel devastated.

Take care of eachother.

Shazzie xx

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so sorry to hear this,how awful for you and your wife,its heartbreaking to loose a beloved pet,i really feel for you.


J x

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As do I ((((((hugs))))))

Jo x

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So sorry to hear your terrible news

Jaycie x

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We’re still sobbing, really like losing a family member…but we will try to move on and maybe get another canine friend to love and cherish.