Just back from a visit to put of hours with what I thought was a uti omg the pain and needing to pee every 2 mins!.. Turns put it’s kidney stones had injections for the pain and vomiting and feel much better!..bug now my ms symptoms are bad walking like an old woman does feeling ill like that make your symptoms go haywire… Also don’t drink enough as have urinary retention but only about 100 ml so it kinds stops me drinking enough!..but will have to nos need to flush these little blighters out!..any tips on what to do when you retain urine…thanks Emma x

Are the stones in the kidneys or the bladder? - ln any case l have heard how dreadful the pain is. You must drink plenty of water as it not only flushes the bladder but ‘dilutes’ it. l take D-Mannose to help keep my bladder healthier - l have a SPC - so do not now get retention - but l could see the sediment that occurs in ones bladder - since taking the d-mannose it looks much clearer. Also, apple cider vinegar - one tablespoon mixed with a heaped teaspoon of honey topped up with water - drink this about 3times a day. ACV - is alkaline - and lowers the ph of your pee. lt’s also very beneficial in other ways. Worth a google.

Really hope you will soon be feeling a lot better Emma - and able to enjoy the summer.

Ouch indeed - poor you! That sound horrible.

Yes to illnesses of other sorts making anything MS-y play up something rotten - nothing else to offer but sympathy.

I hope you feel better soon.


Hi Emma

My bladder is much better behaved now than it was when I was first dx. My nurse told me to never limit my fluid intake as that makes things much worse. I now have caffeine free everything and make sure I drink plenty of water. If my bladder begins to misbehave I make sure to drink more and I will have some cranberry juice too just in case there is an infection brewing. So far I have avoided UTIs.

Hope your pain soon eases. I was in hospital next to a lady with kidney stones and she was shaking with the pain. I had to call the nurse for her as she couldn’t even ring her bell, bless her. I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone.

Take care - and drink lots and lots!

Tracey x

Thanks everyone for your replies I know I should be drinking more but all the running to the loo is a pain!!..but After that pain last night I’m drinking loads and feel much better keeping out of the sun today tho… Rang the bladder nurse and going to see her to check how much I’m retaining oh it’s such fun life with ms!!! Emma x

hi emma

i’ve never had kidney stones but can imagine how awful it is. my dad had gall stones and he was in agony.

i do however have urine retention and now self cath twice a day. i get 300 mls each time!

i was having recurrent UTIs but now i’m on a maintenance dose of trimethoprim and things seem to have levelled off.

but i know that something else is just waiting round the corner

and yes any other medical problem makes my ms symptoms worse.

its a jealous monster

carole x