othropedic surgeon

just been to see gp, need to see a ortho sugeon little finger has gone sqiffy, hands not working properly, completly fed up, and dla say there nothing wrong with me, great I now cant use walking stick Imleft handed

Hmmm. Your doctor knows best, I suppose - or at least, one would hope so.

But surgery doesn’t seem the obvious solution to your problems. What do you mean by your finger “going squiffy”? Does your doc think you have injured it, or what? Why does he/she think an ortho will be able to help?

I’m sorry, I can’t remember the whole history, but I don’t think you’re diagnosed yet?

However, if it’s MS or something similar, surgery is not usually the recommended course. Usually, with MS, bits start going wrong, not because there’s a bone problem that needs fixing, but because signals that control the affected part aren’t getting through properly. Occasionally, long periods (years) of the signals not being able to get through properly can cause permanent skeletal changes that may be treatable by surgery. But usually, stuff just “not working” is not something a surgeon would be able to fix.

Of course, MS doesn’t mean we can’t still get other medical problems too. So maybe your doc does think there’s a completely unrelated bone problem?

But I’m always a bit sceptical when people with neurological symptoms get sent off to a bone specialist.

I speak from experience, as I’ve been referred to a surgeon myself, before I was diagnosed, due to pains in my feet. Luckily, I did not agree to him doing anything, as I didn’t feel I’d ever got a clear explanation of what the problem was, that he would be trying to fix. I wasn’t happy about the idea of exploratory surgery, just to see if they could see anything!

Glad, now, that I didn’t go along with that idea, as it’s clear my problem was with my brain, NOT my bones!


Hi, have you been refused DLA then? If so are you going to appeal?

many people are turned down, but have successful appeals…that happened to me when asking to go to a higher level.

Thats worrying.......if you cant use your walking stick, then you may be suseptical to falls. Do take care, yeh?

luv Pollx

There is a positive in the GP’s suggestion lally - it might be fixable!

Hoping so…

Karen x

my little finger has bent over and stuck out, he think maybe dupuytrens constricture but there no lumps and bumps, he doesnt want to splint it until ortho s seen it, Ive still got a dx of cfs? fibro? but nothing definite, so here I am cant use walking stick and in alot of pain