optium nerve

hi one of my first ms symptoms is optic nerve has any body else had this it in my left eye my problem is

when i go out and shopping ect ,it make my legs feel heavy i sweat and feel tired when walking about my left side of head feelds weried tight. my eye doctor say no treatment at moment , thanks for reading any help will be greatful thank you

Hi Sarah,

Optic neuritis (optic nerve problem) is a very common early symptom of MS, though I myself have never had it.

For some people, it’s their very first symptom.

The problems with feeling hot and tired very easily are also common - those I have had, and still have to this day. Knackered and in a sweat from the slightest thing - I do know what you mean (it’s not part of the eye problem, by the way - you can get different symptoms together, or by themselves).

I hope it will either improve, or you adapt to it - one of the two usually happens.