Optic Nuritus

A common symptom of Multiple Sclerosis.

Inflamed, twitching eyes & discharge from the optical nerves. Causing cloudy & double vision. When the socket becomes clogged with damaged cells, looking for an escape route.

My theory, from personal experience. Not much is known about how, where & why. When getting upset, the tear ducts seem to become sensitive with the salty tears & cause red eye.

One way of knowing is by personal experience. Not via medical knowledge. Some experts, don’t even know what interactions mean & can cause. Thankfully we are all, very different.

Swollen limbs & stroke type effects cause the entire body problems. Basically because the immune & central nervous system is having problems. Similar to a computer, having a virus, but in person. Tech can be replaced.

Just sharing random thoughts & my issues with PPMS.


Just getting vaporized with Vicks & it works wonders. Combined with eating well, exercise & keeping occupied. It’s fan tastic!

Listening to the so called experts, causes all kinds of problems.

I’ve even heard healthy, sporty folks claiming they have PPMS. I direct them to a psychologist.

I can be falling all over the place in severe pain & all they care about is getting time off work or getting adapt ions to their homes & blue badges. There’s no shame either. Just blatant bull crap.

Keep away from those folks, if possible. Blank them if not. They get the message eventually.

Claiming to care, for their gain is sickening & shows their character or lack of.

Look after yourselves fellow PPMS ers. Do what works for you!