Optic Neuritis? Should I go back to eye clinic? Diagnosis.

Hi, I used to come on these boards regularly about 8 years ago when I started with crippling symptoms including balance issues, wobblyness, tingling, buzzing, burning sensations, numbness, bladder and bowel issues and so on. I have had so many symptoms that have waxed and waned.d and despite a massive area of inflammation in my cervical spine, there were no other lesions .It was, i was told, a one time event. So I learned to live with it whilst taking high doses of medication to manage the symptoms…I lost my job that I had loved for 10 years, my husband traded me in for a much younger model, I lost my home and had to move the kids and me nearer to my family for support. This all happened a long time ago now and my life has moved on although I have remained single. I started a new job 8 months ago which I am enjoying part time to fit around my kids.

The only thing that wasnt affected was my eyes until about 4 months ago when I woke up one day with a very blurry left eye. Basically I was told to go to a and e where I was referred to the emergency eye clinic where after 2 days of tests they seemed sure I have optic neuritis. I was then referred back to my Neuro who sent me for lumbar puncture, evoked potential, blood tests and a 1 and 3/4 hour mri scan. I have had countless mri scans over the years but this was definately to longest.

Anyway, on tuesday of this week the same thing happened with my eyes. I tried to ignore it and made the font on my computer and phone bigger so I could read them. Yesterday it got worse and today is the same. I have tried unsuccessfully to get through to the eye clinic and have rung my neuro for advice but as yet not spoken directly to a specialist.

I am unsure what course of action to take. I am pretty certain it is the same as it was 4 months ago… so probably ON. As there is no real treatment available is it worthwhile going to the hospital (which I really cannot face) or wait to speak to neuro by phone? IIs it one of those things that will just run its course? Do I need to actually inform someone?

I get the results of all my tests on 20th of Sept. For the first time my neuro mentioned the word ms despite me questioning it for years. He even wrote to the consultant that took my lumbar puncture that it is ms but he just wants clinical evidence and even if the result comes back negative, he is still going to diagnose it. Until he says those words I am in denial…

So I would appreciate any help.


I think it may be a good idea to inform someone so they can take a look at you while you have the symptoms. I would either call the neuros secretary or if you dont have any luck with that then go to your gp and explain all of the above and he will decide what the best course of action is.

Best of luck.


Hi Teresa, thanks for your reply. I decided to ring the neuro and spoke to him through his secretary. He basically told me that it was probably a repeat of my previous symptoms and to go to my gp so they could put it on the record and then they would write to him. So I rang the gp who was disgusted that he had given me this advice seeing as he is the expert and she is not anywhere near qualified to conduct an eye exam. Anyway, the eyes improved on saturday and sunday … phew! until today when I woke up and they were really blurred again. Although as the day has gone on they have improved again. Is it normal to keep having intermittent eye problems without actually having an ON attack. I’m confused!