Optic Neuritis - now what?


I’ve recently had a head MRI after being reffered for one post optic neuritis where I went pretty much fully blind in one eye.

Prior to the eye problems this I had some numbness and odd sensations in my legs and cough upper trouser area, which were suspected cauda equina but the lumbar MRI was clean.

Since I finished up my big dose of steroids for the Optic Neuritis I’ve been having some worsening symptoms of tight muscles and pain in my neck and upper back, my right leg doing some pretty heavy twitching and I’ve been having weird hand pain that feels like a hot needle in the ends of my fingers.

These have came on since I last saw the eye doctor and I’m not sure if I should try and contact them so they can take it into account when interpreting my MRI? I would really appreciate some advice on this. Also, how long did you wait for MRI results?

No, I would wait for the result of the MRI scan - presumably you will have a consultation with the neuro. Losing the sight in one eye is a classic m s symptom and it’s right you have been referred for an MRI scan, (I know of someone who lost vision in one eye - was assured it would recover which it did - no scan or treatment offered - 2 years later big problems and m s diagnosed but by then not suitable for any drugs) So if you have m.s. it will have been dx’d early and you will be offered a drug therapy. If you think it’s taking along time for the Scan result phone the secretary to the neuro who arranged it.
Gt the feeling you’re being well looked after.

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