Optic neuritis in both eyes?

Has anyone ever had ON in both eyes? My eyes have been getting blurry round the edges over the last two weeks, getting worse each day, and now it’s like a constant fog around the perimeter of my vision. Could this be ON, and if it is, could I have it in both eyes? Interested to know.

Had Alemtuzumab infusion 3 weeks ago, if that’s anything to bear in mind.

Many thanks


Hi I had optic neuritis in both eyes for about a year I could only see a sliver out of my right eye I was told it was repeated attacks of optic neuritis and it had damaged the optic nerve to such an extent that I wouldn’t recover my vision but I did and I’m fine Wishing you a speedy recovery Jane x

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I never new i had ON and when i finally had a VEP test it showed bilaterally. I had blurry vision and double vision but just put it down to my eye sight but the optician couldnt find a worsening. I did go blind though but again no one thought it was MS doctor dismissed that as heat.

Have you had a VEP test, also talk to your Optician as they can check your optic nerves for damage. Also you should talk to your ms nurse as well as ON can be helped with a short course of steroids.