Optic neuritis and Neurology telephone consultation

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I would like to apologise in advance if the theme has been discussed already!

In Mid March this year I had severe pain in my left eye. Went to optician and was advised that I had a sinus infection. She gave me antibiotics which didn’t touch the pain. Anyway, the pain eventually disappeared but then my vision was reduced. I gone to Specsavers and the opticion there said that I am having 75% vision in my left eye and made an urgent referral to an ophthalmologist. Within 2 weeks I was checked by the doctor and he referred me to a neurologist. This was at the end of May. Now I am having a telephone consultation with a neurology consultant in the mid July. Is this normal practice? Anyone else being through the same process? Is this quick or slow? I am going through NHS.

I haven’t been diagnosed yet though!

Just to add few things about my other symptoms. In Feb I lost any sensation in my right foot and fell down while carrying a box. I am almost constantly having mild to sometimes severe headaches, during the winter months very often have one or two of my fingers white (no blood in them) and tingling sensation in them. Also I have muscle spasms, especially in the legs. Something else which I found really strange, I am feeling like a pull at the back of my knees, and when I lay down at the end of the day I am having this tingling feeling in both my legs. I am an active person with two young kids :blush: .

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You’re being referred to the right people,so let them do their job and hopefully you’ll get diagnosed and treatment will follow.

Hang in there chick!

Yes sounds fairly normal, but, for the NHS quicker than is often the case. It may be that the telephone consultation with the neurologist is the triaging process that some hospital trusts now use.