Optic neuritis and memory problems???

ok so im almost 5 weeks in to my ON relapse and its getting better but taking its sweet ass time.


Neuro wants me back in 3 weeks for a visual field test to see how things are.

my question is....since my ON started my memory has been appalling. At first i thought it was just cos i was stressed as i had been diagnosed etc but its really weird. I keep forgetting really small things like taking the bins out or calling someone.

Is this normal and does it go once my relapse finishes?



Hi Rebecca. I have ON, started in right eye 10 weeks ago, and then left eye 4 weeks ago. Left eye is more or less back to normal now, but right eye is still about third vision missing/blurred. I too have terrible cognitive problems which, until your post I didnt associate with the ON, but it has been much worse since it. Im sorry I cant help you regards to when the relapse ends, as Im not dx with anything yet, but thanks for reminding me to add this to my neuro list :D

Good luck Rebecca and I too am very interested in what others say about this xx

I've had three purely cognitive relapses which I've recovered well from. One was words-related, one was numbers-related and one was spatial/navigation (I couldn't find my way around my local area for four weeks).

I also get very very tired when I am relapsing so my brain doesn't function as it does normally and I have a lot of problems remembering stuff, without there being any direct cognitive problem.

So, I guess what I'm coming to is that your memory lapses could be part of your relapse, but they could also be a side effect of your relapse. Either way, there's a good chance that it will improve as your ON improves.

Hope so!

Karen x

hi Hun…how’s you doing? sorry to hear your memory is playing up too…I had similar probe in the first few weeks of ON it was very annoying…and really didn’t feel right in myself …but it has improved gradually…so keep positive and do what you can…reminders on phone or sticky notes help…it’s. it easy at times…but you’ll get there…it may or may not be part of a relapse but don’t forget your brain is also dealing with your vision probs whic in itself is allot…so worth mentioning to your neuro in 3 weeks even if by then your memory improves…x