Opthalmologist referral

I have obtained an Opthalmologist open referral (I’m going private through BUPA) for double vision. Do I need to select an Opthalmologist who has a specific interest in MS or will any consultant suffice?

hi hun, to be honest not much they can do anyway. mine referred me back to neuro lol. so just a normal one to make sure nothing serious going on with your eyes. IMHO

After going through my 3rd lot of vision problems in 6 years, I saw a regular Ophthalmologist for double vision, and it was he who first mentioned the possibility of MS and referred me to a Neurologist. From there on I had MRI’s, VEP, Lumbar puncture etc.

Any good Ophthalmologist should refer you to Neuro if they suspect something neurological is going on.

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