Opinions required.

3 years ago my other half joined a sports club that has social events where club members bring their families along, I went to a few events there and got talking to the wife of another member, I met her 3 times in all.

The second time I met her she told me she was upset because a friend of hers had been diagnosed with MS, should I feel guilty that I didn’t tell her I have it too, I’ve never seen any reason to discuss my own MS in the past as I had RRMS and there was no reason to tell people if they are only an acquaintance that I have it. As I now have SPMS I think there is a limited case that I should be more open about it now.

Was I right to keep my mouth shut? I’ve only ever told family and friends, but this lady is only an acquaintance because of our spouses.

Don’t feel guilty it is none of her business and should she really be telling you things about someone else when she has only just met you . Not someone to trust with too much info .


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Hi, if it had been me talking to her and I had MS, then I would`ve mentioned it as it was a conversation about ms.

But I dont think there`s any need for you to feel guilty about not saying you have it.

You have to feel comfortable with someone when you disclose personal things about yourself.



when you feel comfortable, then talk about it.

but not until you are comfortable with the idea.

carole x


Frankly, if you didn’t tell someone about your diagnosis, then there is a reason and that is good enough.

Sincerely, that is as complex my thought process / logic is about this aspect of disease management.

It simply is not a ‘should i or shouldn’t i?’ scenario; it is entirely a ‘do i want to?’

Most of my family do not know about my MS. But some people with whom i play sport with, who’s surnames i do not even know, are fully aware!

At least two of my colleagues at work have intimate knowledge / relationships with other people with MS and yet i have only divulged my status to one of them.

I have no rhyme nor reason behind the manner by which i share my ‘news’. Gut instinct alone rules. If you were happy to share with the acquaintance, then you would have.

If anyone ever eventually finds out and feels upset at not knowing sooner… well tough titties on them. :slight_smile:

You have better things to concern yourself with.

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She doesn’t sound like a friend just a casual acquaintance and you don’t sound like you want to tell her.

It’s your business not hers. So what if she knows someone with MS, it doesn’t affect you does it?