open wide for Tecfidera.

Well I’ve listened to everyone thank you for your advice and experiences all of which has been greatly received.

I’ve taken the first one during a huge breakfast (which I’m still eating) involving peanut butter, marmite, a trek bar and a tea cake.

Lets see what happens…

Regards Carllaugh

That’s a huge breakfast Carl! Did it help to prevent unwanted effects do you think? Hope so, all the best.

Blimey Carl

I had described my own version of a big breakfast which was tiny in comparison!


Carole laugh

Hi Catwoman

How are you ?

I always eat well but then try and burn it off before the next meal I’m an active person I won’t let this fecking condition slow me down. So today I’m going to put some scaffolding up so I can put some more solar lights up round the yard. After that take all down have some food then spray the next wind turbine white and black (black bits so birds can see it and don’t kill themselves). There is movement called one black blade.

Regards Carllaugh

Hi Carl

I’m ok apart from my injured toe (which throbs day and night)

I’ve managed to get an appointment with a podiatrist on Saturday and she is a wiz with a scalpel!

(see how super brave I am)

It looks like a blood blister under the big toe nail.

Hubby suggested holding a strong Pin over a flame.

I asked who would be doing it and he said ‘himself’.


roll on saturday and let a professional deal with it.

I love the idea of one black blade.

Kind to the planet and the birds!

Carole laugh

Hi Catwoman

WAIT FOR SATURDAY defo let a professional do it (no disrespect to your husband).

Not that we’re in a competition but I got some burning plastic on my finger last night while lighting the burner had to pull it off before it became part of my finger, not something I would recommend.

The one black blade program is something I read about in the Happy News Paper if you don’t get I suggest you do it’s all good news nothing bad it comes out quarterly it was started by one lady in her bedroom it’s now a much bigger circulation so not done in her bedroom anymore. I literally read it from cover to cover.

Regards Carllaugh


having a thimble attached to your finger could be handy if you fancy a bit of tapestry or embroidery

Would you be able to do these in your workshop?