ongoing symptons are they ms

hello at the very start of things.Im in my early 50s and over the last 20 years have suffered various attacks of pain and weakness in leg jionts.different ones at different time,along with back pain,shoulder pain…the attacks might be yeara apart but the last 3 years have increased with frequencey.The attacks usually last about 2 to 3 months,with the legs often me having to use walking aids due to tightness and pain.For the last 20 years also i have quick onset head aches,which would be the odd one in the year,but now over the last 2 years a regular occurance,where they will be very quick onset,pain in the eyes and sensity to light and very close to feighting and loss of balance.Due to the head aches i recently had eye tests and have been reffered to hospital for loss of periphial vision in right eye (about a quadrant) the last 3 months i have leg pain,loss of feeling in left foot,back pain,hip pain,tremor in arms and legs stiffness and bone pain.I now find my self using walking aids againim constintly constipated.My doctor is reffering to a jiont/skelital specialist and arranged a full nuclear body scan which i will attend next week.All my sytmptons come in episodes and have increased more so over the last 6 years.would the nuclear scan show up any thing regarding signs of ms? im at the stage where i think this may well be the problem and having read through many posts and googled various articles am wondering if this is it

many thanx for reading Zumb

Hi Zumb,

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), a type of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), is a method of obtaining cross-sectional images (slices) of internal soft bodily tissue. Invented in 1977, it has allowed much more accurate diagnoses of neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis because it allows doctors to “see” right into the human brain and other organs. It can readily differentiate between normal and demyelinated white brain matter, something that was very difficult to accomplish on older technologies like CT scanners. MRI scanners are also far less harmful than CT scanners.

See Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis that will tell you about diagnosis.

When you have your Scan buy a copy; about £10 very important


thankyou ggood