One for Paulo

ln this weeks New Pathways magazine [MS-UK ] - The front cover is a picture of cannabis - and inside there are 10 pages on the Great Cannabis Debate. One is about a new type of chewing gum that is made with medical cannabis which is being trialled in America as a treatment for MS.

Over the years, Pathways mag has contained lots of news and info on the use of cannabis. The first l read was about an elderly lady who made her own cannabis chocolate - which she was distributing to people suffering with pain - Arthritis and MS.

The New Pathways mag - is full of interesting news and facts - and helpful advice on all aids for disabled people. Wheelchairs/Scooters - types of vehicles that wheelchair users can use. Also listed are holiday venues for the disabled. lt is bi-monthly - and well worth subscribing to.

It is nice that you thought of me, but this is news to benefit all.

Ironically, i do not consume the herb myself, in any form. But from experience i have seen the life improvements facilitated by its use.

The prohibition is ridiculous and mostly unenforceable. If more people were to use cannabis both medicinally and recreationally, the legislation would simply have to change to cater for public opinion.

This sort of thing has already happened in my home of British Columbia, where Provincial government has over ridden Federal law by making cannabis essentially legal (to an extent) with great success.

Here is a story on local news from just yesterday regarding the potential, global and entirely positive impact of making such medicine available, to not just those with MS, glaucoma, undergoing chemo, etc: