one bad day

What are the chances of getting another job when you have ms? My daughter who was feeling angry came into work and decided to jot down her anger on a piece of paper that was unfortunately resting on the invoice book that copies in triplet. If we were doing a buy one get one free offer it would look better , that should give you an idea of her rant. I should be thankful that she didn’t self harm this time but I think I may be about to be sacked for her rant. Never been sacked. This feels like a nightmare. But if the worst happens I am seriously wondering if anyone would employ me. I’ve worked at the same place for roughly 14 +years. Since my first symptoms a couple of years ago my boss has looked for any reason to have a go and has even told me that I can leave I don’t owe him anything and I think I’ve just given him all the reason he needs to sack me. That’s my rant over, :frowning:

How can you get sacked for something that wasn’t done by you?

Unless you allowed your daughter onto the premises when she wasn’t authorised, or something like that, I don’t see how you’re responsible for what happened. I’m not sure even she was responsible for what happened, because there is no deliberate vandalism involved - it’s clearly just an unfortunate accident that she happened to lean on a ledger that makes copies.

Was her rant to the company, or about the company? Or wholly unrelated? And how old is your daughter? If still a child, then I suppose they could argue you should have been supervising her visit, to ensure nothing untoward happened. However, if she’s an adult, then she’s a free agent, and you are no more responsible than if a stranger had walked in and done it.

All you can do - if you haven’t already - is explain it was a complete accident on the part of your daughter, who has mental health issues (I’m sorry to put it that way, but I think you would have to mention it, to explain what happened), and that whilst she did write the note, she in no way intended to deface company property, or cause any problems for the company.

Really, I can’t see how you can be dismissed over something that resulted from a relative’s health problem. What if it had been a physical problem? She walked in and threw up over the ledger, or something else important?

It is both embarrassing and unfortunate, but I can’t see what disciplinary offence it would be, unless allowing relatives on the premises is prohibited in itself.

I know it’s easy for me to say, and I’m sure it doesn’t feel that way at the moment, but my guess is you won’t be sacked. I expect you might very well be called in for a talking-to about the conduct of family members if they visit you at work, but as you didn’t actually do anything, I’m not sure what the grounds for dismissal would be, and I think you’d have every chance of contesting them.

Is there a union at your place - just in case?

If the worst came the worst, and you did lose your job over it - which I doubt - rest assured that bad references are virtually unheard-of these days. Ever since somebody successfully sued over a bad reference, most employers wouldn’t dare. So the worst that would happen would be they’d give you a completely neutral reference, simply confirming the dates you worked at the company, and in what capacity.

But I still think it’s too early to be worrying about that.

Have any actual invoices been destroyed by your daughter’s rant? I.e. what is the commercial cost of what happened? Will they be unable to bill people? Or are you saying the offensive rant might actually have gone out to customers, or something? If none of those things, and it’s just a question of - at worst - buying a new book - and maybe copying some of the invoices over, perhaps you could offer to do that?


Hi, my daughter is 14. My employer has had a go at me before about people I know coming in to the shop. Not that I ever stood gossiping. A friend had called in to buy a sign and a friend of the boss had told them I’d spent too long with them and then another time a friend called to see what sandwich I wanted then brought it back to me. My daughter is normally with my parents on a sunday but when we were walking to church we found a kitten with a jar on its head. With the help of a neighbour we caught it and my daughter held the kitten whilst my neighbour drove 10 miles to the vets. I told dad not to pick her up she was with my neighbour. I then went to work. My daughter then came to shop when my neighbour had brought her back. She was to pick up key and her dad would be back either before her or shortly after. I was with a customer who took quite some time deciding what she wanted. So daughter had to wait for me. I feel like events have just played into my bosses hands. He was not to happy that I’d declared some work to the tax office and that’s pushed my wages cos of a tax code adjustment into a tax bracket for him. And I had a couple of days off when I was in hospital but as I was rushed in I hadn’t given advance notice and my mum phoned him but couldn’t get through til mid morning so the shop hadn’t been opened on time. There are other things. I was always told to take something to read and sit at desk then you’re there if a customer needs you. Then I got a telling off for this even though for previous years this is what was always allowed. Opened as usual on bank holiday short hours 11 til 4 then was told that for that specific one he hadn’t said to do a short day and. Unless specifically told it was 9.30 til 5. This was after 10+ years of doing short day on bankholidays and I hadn’t been told that it had changed. I know I shouldn’t have had her there but it was meant to be flying visit.