ON without visual problems?

Is this possible/likely? I’ve had what I can only describe as an “eyebally” headache all day. Thought fresh air, caffeine fix etc. would sort me out, but none of it did. Starting to p*ss me off. I’m suspecting a touch of ON, but vision seems unaffected (my sight independent of MS is pretty poor anyway - I wear strong glasses - but hasn’t noticeably worsened today or recently).

Just wondered if you can have the pain from ON, but without any visual symptoms. Or have I just got an ordinary, common or garden, “normal” person’s headache?


If it has only been today give it another 24 hours to see how it develops, Tina. Hate to be a wet blanket but my ON starts with an achy eyeball and the vision gets progressively worse over several days. So IF it is ON (it might not be) you may not notice any visual problems of a day or so. Keep an eye on it (sorry, sorry) and if in doubt, get it checked out.

Hoping it is just a head ache and you wake up feeling fine,

Belinda xx

Thanks Belinda,

I didn’t get a very good night last night - had a nightmare in which I fell off a precipice and definitely died. I don’t know what it felt like to be dead, because I woke up at that point, but I’m sure I’d already hit the ground before waking. So not a very pleasant or comfortable night, and might explain why I’ve felt rubbish all day.

I’m seeing the neuro in three weeks anyway, so if it is turning into anything, maybe it’s at least got the timing right.

But fingers crossed it’s just an ordinary headache.



What a horrible dream… maybe you have a post concussion headache from hitting your head in your dream? LOL

I hope it is nothing but as you say, good to have the timing right for a change if it is ON :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed for you,

B xx

Morning Anitra,

How is the eye this morning?

I have had ON twice and both times i have had really bad pain behind my eye. I have also had the pain without any visual problems so both are possible.

Belinda has given good advice - you can tell in a few days if it starts to get worse then you need to get it checked.

Hope it’s just a headache.

Best wishes


Morning Teresa,

Thanks for asking. Still feel slightly hungover this morning - despite notable absence of alcohol. I wouldn’t call it a “really bad pain”, at all. I’m just slightly aware of it when I move my eyes, and it’s enough to be annoying. I don’t feel as rough as I did yesterday - which was very.

Spasticity was also bad yesterday, to the point I wondered whether I forgot a dose or two of Baclofen. I can’t tell from looking at the packet, because when I’m on them all the time, I don’t check exactly how many taken/left - only that I’m not about to run out…

So maybe I’ve been careless and forgotten a dose, and that’s at the root of it all. I don’t think I’m having a relapse - there’s no new/renewed sensory stuff. Just stiffer and headachier than usual. Maybe it’s the changing of the seasons? I’m never good, as we start drawing into Autumn.



Maybe you are about to come down with a cold, Tina, or are starting a UTI which might be worsening some of your symptoms? If you are still feeling rough in another 48 hours I would be off to the GP and just get any underlying infections ruled out and then check in with your MS Nurse and let her know.

If there are no bugs brewing away you might be starting a mildish relapse. They don’t all have to have new sympoms. Just “a worsening of old or pre-existing symptoms for longer than 24 hours in the absence of any infection” is classifed as a relapse. So take it easy for a couple of days and see how things evolve.

Hope you feel better soon,

B xx

Hi Belinda,

I’ve never yet had any sort of waterwork problems, or any UTIs, so I’m pretty sure it’s not that. I’m peeing normally, and pretty sure I’m emptying (sorry, bit too much info).

I don’t have an MS nurse (and don’t especially want one) and don’t bother with the doctor unless desperate. Even if it is a relapse, I wouldn’t want steroids unless it’s serious, and I don’t want to change my mind about DMDs, so I don’t feel there would be anything useful she could do. I’m not one who likes to go along “just for a chat” - it’s a hassle for me to get there since they took the buses off, and I’m always in the waiting-room an hour, getting anxious, and exposed to other bugs. So I don’t go unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I suffer from allergic rhinitis, but getting through more tissues than usual, so may be starting a cold. Very slight one, though - not even the proper thing!



I’m with you regarding steroids, Tina. I only have them if it a serious relpase as in I can’t walk at all or am totally blind (which hasn’t actually happened) or am some other such thing. I wouldn’t use them for an every day house and garden relapse either. I prefer them to save them for when I need the big guns.

Just wait and see then and ride it out. I hope things settle quickly.

B xx